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OfferWalls: Double Earnings #1
Posted on 3:05 pm 10/12/2016

Dear members,

I have explained this before, every member on should visit OfferWalls section to double his earnings, make sure that shares 50% of his profits instant with you (no less than that). There are some ads appear only for some countries (targeted ads). I want share with you those information:" alt="Image-F" />

PTCWall, ClixWall and AdClickWall: there are ads and task to do, with time you will discover them, when you click all their ads will appear (more then $0.0005)

I have just access to PTCWall section, this is the result:" alt="Image-F" />" alt="Image-F" />

MinuteStaff: there are ads more than $0.0005, they are available when you click more, this is the proof:" alt="Image-F" />

Also you should know that you need to follow their instruction carefully to get rewarded on MinuteStaff:" alt="Image-F" />

I want to share with you our MinuteStaff postback log (09/30/2016), our members have access to $0.0025 ads:" alt="Image-F" />

Tip: If you want to get more ads with high value you should click on all ads on those walls you will be rewarded instantly if you follow exactly their instructions. Also, you have to visit OfferWalls section time on time in a day specially MinuteStaff you will find more valuable ads after minutes/hours.

Another important thing: if you have any problem kind no ads or low values ads or few ads you must clean your browser cache or user another browser (you can use incognito window).

OfferWallAds: there are tons of paid surveys and paid offers available for members all over the world! are you tired of cents? just join this section and earn from daily surveys that make you get more than $10-$50 daily; accumulate points and request your payment now! 200 Points = $1" alt="Image-F" />

Read more here:" rel="nofollow" title="" target="_blank" >
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Re: OfferWalls: Double Earnings #2
Posted on 12:46 am 10/30/2016

I want to share more proofs: postback log yesterday (10/29/2016) show that our members are earning more on OfferWalls section:" alt="Image-F" />

In this example, a member (ID:105) like a lot of members here have earned more than $0.03 in MinuteStaff OfferWall yesterday (10/29/2016); so I invite all members to start profit, you will be paid instant to your account balance!
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