GetAdsNow New Owner #1
Posted on 3:48 pm 09/04/2018

Dear valuable community,

I want to introduce for you the new owner of, I hope it will be a fresh start and a good continuity for everyone of you here. LunarFuture is no longer operating and not legally responsible for anything after today (September 4th, 2018) please contact the new owner for further information. was and still paying up to date since 2016, I am sure the new owner will give it a good push and maintain this modest website as we were doing before, special thanks to our moderator jujubiste1jujube, co admin, support members and advertisers who spend their time serving community.

Sincerely yours, Ex Admin
Re: GetAdsNow New Owner #2
Posted on 11:44 am 09/05/2018
Hello GetAdsNow Members,

I\'m the new admin of this site. I am also the owner of YeezyPTC check out the site here

I am currently setting up things to the way I want the site to run. To start off with we are re-implementing the PTC Section with 4 x 0.001 ads for standard members (will add some more ads for upgraded members soon)

All offerwalls will be disabled until I get the offerwalls setup. The rotator section of the site will have ptp system implemented so you can earn by bringing views to the rotator. This will be implemented soon.

Payment processors for payouts and payments is payeer.

Lastly I look forward to running this site and hope you enjoy using GetAdsNow for years to come

Sincerly yours, Admin
Last edited by admin on 11:45 am 09/05/2018
Re: GetAdsNow New Owner #3
Posted on 6:10 am 09/06/2018
Welcome admin,

Hope the site grows nicely. Wont having Payeer exclusively for payment be a problem? Nice to see PTP live. Please give terms
Re: GetAdsNow New Owner #4
Posted on 2:34 pm 09/06/2018
Hello Angelbux,

The plan is to phase in some more payment processors over the next few weeks.

Perfect Money will be the next payment processor available.

Will add terms for PTP soon, it is for the rotator section of the site. The PTP only counts unique hits for each referrer.
Re: GetAdsNow New Owner #5
Posted on 2:31 pm 09/13/2018

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