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Error upon adding credits for rotator #1
Posted on 4:13 pm 01/11/2018
Database error: Invalid SQL: UPDATE rotator_sitez SET daily_limit='2000', hourly_limit='', upgrade='' WHERE id='57'
MySQL Error: 1054 (Unknown column 'upgrade' in 'field list')
Session halted.
Re: Error upon adding credits for rotator #2
Posted on 12:15 pm 01/12/2018
Hello Raz0rSharp!

This problem is common and reported to the software publisher.
Do not use daily limit option and it works, I am following your case just let me know if your issue is solved.
Their server was down for hours and now it is on, this is their message:

Kind regards, @Admin
Last edited by admin on 9:23 pm 02/02/2018

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