Minimum Payout #1
Posted on 8:13 pm 01/29/2018
Dear member,

Our User Agreement has changed. Staff has decided to rise the minimum payout to $2.00.

I want that every member take a look on the recent payment policy changes:

All payments are made by Payza, Perfect Money, Bitcoin and PayPal (only for premium members.) No other methods are available at this moment. Payments will be checked and sent up to 7 days for cash balance, and NET30 (up to 30 days) for points balance (OfferWalls tasks and surveys). We reserve the right to delay all requested payments according to the payment processor policies.

Users residing in China and Vietnam are not allowed to join, sorry for this inconvenience.

Kind regards, ~Admin
Re: Minimum Payout #2
Posted on 5:59 pm 02/14/2018
Why is Perfect money min payout increased to 2$ along with 8% fee structure ? It doesn\'t seems quite right to me. Payza and bitcoin may have high fee but not PM. Now it will take a very long time to withdraw.
Last edited by Raz0rSharp on 5:59 pm 02/14/2018
Re: Minimum Payout #3
Posted on 12:37 pm 02/16/2018
Dear Raz0rSharp, our staff has decided to make PM withdraw fees to 5%, rising the minimum payout is based on our technical studies to let the website continue to survive and pay all registered members on without any exception. Any question please contact me Raz0rSharp. Kind regards, @Admin

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